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Global wash is a denim wash solution provider with a well crafted stitching unit. Established in the year 2006 in North India. The stitching unit of GW is created to pave way for new creations and sustainable ways for denim manufacturing.

The company consists of a vibrant team backed by strong vision to create sustainable and premium quality garments using best of green technologies & techniques. GlobalWash is one of the best in the region to provide innovative green products.

Our stitching unit is backed by great artisians and our factory is well equipped with people to cater services like pattern making (CAD) fabric layering and cutting.

The USP of our factory is our stitching capacity which produces more than 4000 pieces per day.

Our techniques are plenty but each one of them is unique ranging from laser, wisker, 3D wrinkle, damaging, stitching, drying, washing etc.

Our focus is sustainability, development to be able to cater best of services.

Since 2006, we have worked very closely with our customers and with their support and efforts from our team, we have created a reliable name in denim treatment and stitching in Delhi and NCR.


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