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We are continuously making efforts towards preservation and conservation of water through technologies which require minimal wastage of water. We will reuse 70% of water from the very first wash and do not pollute our natural resources by dumping the wastage in water. We believe in zero discharge policy because every drop is precious for us.

We are coming up with an extensive sustainable plant which will produce more than 12,000 pieces green and sustainable garments per day.

Compact Laser

Compact laser technology has been designed for maximum production flexibility, precision, and power, with a compact design and high cost-efficiency. It meets the needs of large production, with versatile garments and detailed and accurate designs. The improved Compact has been designed to make the most of space in production centers, creating a safe and comfortable work environment for its operators.

Dancing Box

DancingBox 420 is an innovative eco-efficient washing machine adapted to perform any type of washes and garment finishing.

His patented design of Dancing Beaters maximizes the efficiency of processes, reducing water, chemicals, and energy use, whilst improving the e-Flow performance.

The most efficient dryer in the market

The conveyor dryer for hanging garments. Hanging garments drastically increases drying efficiency and product quality, and Secomatic allows you to reach the highest drying quality in the most sustainable way.

eFlow Technology

e-Flow technology is based on nanobubbles of air that act as a carrier to transmit chemicals into a garment with a minimal quantity of water and zero discharge.

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