GlobalWash firm believes in making sustainable denim garments

We know what sustainability means to you, our society and to our upcoming generations.
Our aim is to create sustainable, comfortable and fashionable garments.
For maintaining maximum sustainability, we use different methods for our garments.

GlobalWash firms believes in making sustainable denim garments with high fashion values.
Our objective is to reduce water wastage from denim processing by using combination of techniques, technology and applications.

Patented Technology

G2 Preozonic

G2 evolves, remaining the most advanced ozone technology for garment finishing on the market.

Jeanologia improves its G2 technology using its 20 years of experience researching ozone technology for finishing garments, giving the best performance in garment production.

Front Load

Front load washing machines are employed to use less water while washing. It helps us to remove starch, dust and dirt particles from the garment. Intentional color fade or retain can be used through this washing method. This is the simplest and eco-friendly method of washing as it does not require harmful chemicals or bleaches. Minimum water is used to execute this process. The resulting conclusion is softer, cleaner and wearable garments.


e-flow is a sustainable textile solution developed to transmit chemicals onto different types of garments regardless of the fabric. The main agenda of this technology is to reduce the usage of water, invite ‘air’ as the new medium of chemical carrier and absolutely minimize the discharge.

After washing, the water goes to waste. Bearing this in mind, Eflow Spanish technology has made revolutionary equipment that uses air to transmit chemicals to the garment. The air and the right amount of chemical are converted into nano-bubbles that distribute themselves in nanobubble skin and wash the garments.

E-flow reduces water usage by 95%, cuts down electric or energy consumption by 40% and eliminates chemical usage by 90%. We employ this technology to provide 100% satisfactory output to our customers. A pure environmental friendly machine that preserves water because air is the future now.


This Spanish technology has been designed and implemented by Jeanologia. It is an amazing and most accurate textile laser system designed specifically for large productions. Laser series help us in customization of garments allowing 3D effects to render properly and works on all types of fabric. With this technology, mass market productions can be easily met. It has the capacity to design 2000 to 2500 garments per day. Highly efficient and consumes less power than its contemporaries.

Denim EIM Scores

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