We know what sustainability means to you, our society and to our upcoming generations.

Our aim is to create sustainable, comfortable and fashionable garments.
For maintaining maximum sustainability, we use different methods for our garments.

  • Neno Bubble System for denim process.
  • Laser machines for the dry process.
  • Green screen chemicals and ozone machines in the process of garment manufacturing.

GlobalWash firms believes in making sustainable denim garments with high fashion values.
Our objective is to reduce water wastage from denim processing by using combination of techniques, technology and applications.

Sustainability Posts…

GW#2 EIM Score 31

GW#8 EIM Score 25

GW#9 EIM Score 30

GW#10 EIM Score 38

GW#11 EIM Score 30

GW#15 EIM Score 30

GW#17 EIM Score 30

GW#18 EIM Score 25