Washing / Machines

Techniques and technology play an integral role in the processes. The machines we use are not only sustainable but also futuristic.

Jeanologia Compact

Compact laser technology has been designed for maximum production flexibility, precision, and power, with a compact design and high cost-efficiency. It meets the needs of large production, with versatile garments and detailed and accurate designs. The improved Compact has been designed to make the most of space in production centers, creating a safe and comfortable work environment for its operators.

Jeanologia G2

G2 evolves, remaining the most advanced ozone technology for garment finishing on the market.

Jeanologia improves its G2 technology using its 20 years of experience researching ozone technology for finishing garments, giving the best performance in garment production.

Jeanologia ColorBox420

ColorBox offers a full line of state-of-the-art garment dyeing equipment to revolutionize the dyeing sector, one of the most polluting practices in our industry.

The ColorBox series are easy to handle and easy to use advanced technical solutions that care about people and planet. They ensure the best product outcome at the lowest production cost with the minimum impact for the planet.

Jeanologia eFlow

e-Flow technology is based on nanobubbles of air that act as a carrier to transmit chemicals into a garment with a minimal quantity of water and zero discharge

Hydro Extractor

The special construction with a formed basket and equipped with spindles to take up yarn cones. The special basket shape and movable spindle ensure excellent extraction of cones Without distrorting the shape.